How Technology is redefining the job market, and what GEMS is doing to prepare its students.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving, bringing with it wonderful technological disruptions that affect the way we live, network, and socialize with others. No other point in time has the world been so closely connected in history of Mankind. Today, you can buy a pair of shoes without visiting the mall, order for your favourite food, without a trip to your restaurant, or even pay school fees without ever queuing at the bank.

In more developed countries, this disruption, is happening faster than ever before. Autonomous vehicles (Driverless cars) will eliminate truck and taxi drivers. The American Bureau of
Labour Statistics counts 1.8 million trucking jobs, at $40,000 per year. Gone. Taxi drivers: 233,700 jobs at $23,510 per year, gone. That’s just from autonomous vehicles that are being designed by Google and Apple alone.

‘Amazon Go’ proto type grocery-store concept promises cashier-less stores. That’s 3.4 million jobs gone, probably offset by a smaller increase in security guards. And if Americans start shopping by augmented and virtual reality with the onset of 5G technology, Amazon may not even need those guards, as storefronts go dark across America. predicts Telemedicine and VR tele-education will allow insurance companies and educational firms to reap greater profits by cutting staff. They will still need doctors and teachers, but they will have fewer as new technology lets each worker serve more people.        There are maybe 3 million teachers, 1.5 million college professors, and probably about a million doctors and physicians’ assistants in the United States. These jobs can be replaced by lower-skilled, lower-paid machine handlers.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, it takes about a fifth of the manpower to produce a ton of steel now as compared to the early 1980s. Those kinds of automation-driven job cuts are now the norm rather than the exception.

An opportunity, rather than a crisis.

At GEMS Cambridge International School Kampala, we see this as an opportunity, rather than a crisis. We are acutely aware that our children will probably be doing jobs that do not
exist today. Our Teacher Training Centre/Program is second to none. Continuous research and development is invested to provide an Education that is in touch with reality,
and relevant to a world continuously disrupted by technology. Leveraging on the global GEMS Network of 250 schools spread across 4 continents, to provide a unique environment for
exchanging ideas for both teachers and students across the world.
Our students, from an early age, learn to adopt and apply a certain set of skills, which are incorporated into our Cambridge curriculum as the 10 habits of learning as follows;

  • Risk Takers
  • caring and supportive
  • Resilient
  • Creative
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Explorers
  • Independent
  • team workers
  • Effective Communicators.

As such, our facilities are designed to reflect and facilitate this, through the LEGO Studio, The Puzzlemania, The Food Tech Lab, the ICT Suite, and the Robotistics centre.

We believe that these skills, will then see our students live the GEMS values, to develop their full potential, lead through innovation, continuously pursue excellence, and most importantly become relevant global citizens.

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