AIDS Commission calls on youth to practice safe sex

By Reuben Twinomujuni

The Director General of Uganda AIDS Commission {UAC}, Dr. Nelson Musoba has called upon youth to practice safer sex which include; abstinence, use of condoms and being faithful. He asserted to the youth that; just because their friends are having sex does not mean that they should have it also. He reasoned that the consequences are not shared among friends

He said HIV remains a significant challenge to Uganda. “Its effects on the economy and society remain unacceptably high with up to 83,000 people having contracted the HIV in 2016. This means 227 people get infected with HIV per day and 9 infections per hour, while 28,000 died of HIV related illness in 2016”.

“This means 77 people dying every day. Of all deaths, 60 percent of the deaths are men. Men remain most affected due to their poor seeking behavior. Men also transmit the HIV infections to young girls” he said.

He further said; in 2015, it was estimated that 567 young people aged between 15-24 years get infected with HIV every week and of these 363 are Girls.

He urged men to remember that they can only achieve their dreams if they are alive.

He Urged the youth; that before they engage in sex, they should know their HIV status and that of their partners, as well as to avoid bad influences and risky places, avoiding alcohol and drug abuse that compromise their decision making and exposing them to HIV, teenage pregnancy and premature death.

“In conclusion, I wish to underscore that you the Youth are at the heart of the work that we do as Uganda AIDS Commission. We have recently held discussions with the National Youth Council; on what we need to do differently to ensure that that the Youth meaningfully participate in all efforts to fight HIV /AIDS in this country”.

The writer is Head Communication and Advocacy

Uganda AIDS Commission

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