Government to expand infectious disease research, training

Ministry of Health has signed an agreement with the Government of United States to further their collaboration on infectious diseases research and training. This new agreement will strengthen and expand the relationship between the two Governments for training and research on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other emerging diseases.

The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health, Dr. Diana Atwine and U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah R. Malac signed the agreement which will enable further biomedical research cooperation between the two countries in preventing, diagnosing and treating the heavy burden of diseases in Uganda.

Dr. Atwine appreciated the continued support and collaboration with the U.S Government in medical research in Uganda. She further added that research is important in reducing the occurrence of emerging diseases which impact Ugandans and millions of others around the world.

Ambassador Malac noted that this research setting offers unique opportunities to study diseases of global significance such as HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other emerging diseases.

Uganda is an African leader in biomedical research where its scientists and institutions play key role in global infectious disease research. This agreement will enable scientists share data, collaborate on research projects and benefit from training opportunities from both countries.

Sources: Ministry of Health 

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