Contributing to sustainable wildlife management,the school curriculum in Uganda

About UWEC
Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), popularly known as Entebbe Zoo is located 26 kilometers from Kampala and just 15 minutes from Entebbe International Airport. Opened in 1952 as Entebbe Zoo, it was converted to Uganda Wildlife Education Trust primarily as a Conservation Education Centre in 1994. The 2015 Act transformed the Trust into a statutory organization and a lead agency for conservation education, rescue, rehabilitation, quarantine services, species recovery among other roles. Animals at UWEC are used to inspire behavior change and conservation action, especially on young people.

How does UWEC contribute to wildlife and species survival

As human population increases worldwide, pressure on quality wildlife habitats, and human wildlife conflicts as a result of encroachment increases. At Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, we rescue, rehabilitate all wildlife species from elephant, chimpanzees, parrots to cheetahs.
When animals arrive at the centre, we become their surrogate mothers, taking the place of their parents who would have been killed or maimed. At this point, we treat and rehabilitate them until such a time when they recover and are capable of making it back in the wild. Those that cannot make it remain at the centre, in Entebbe. We anticipate that through using them as ambassadors to help teach Ugandans and the global community about the need to peacefully coexist, maintain healthy habitats and say no to wildlife trade.

Inspiring Conservation Action & Developing the Connection with wildlife
As people that love and care for wildlife resources in the country we are always thrilled to provide a second chance to animals in distress and need. However, we cannot just keep on rescuing and providing a safe haven. Provision of knowledge on roles animals play in the environment, sharing experiences and developing connections and attachment with organism with whom we share mother earth, people are inspired to care for wildlife and their habitats. We have incorporated that is taught in classroom into practical hands on experiences for children that visit the centre. All we ask are very simple actions; report people involved in wildlife trade, undertake regreening, find alternative resources to activities that consume our forests, inspire young people to love and care for nature, by supporting them to visit wildlife areas and become change agents today.
Developing a healthy mind through recreation
At UWEC, we believe that we need to continuously appeal to our target audience, support the schools, parents in developing a healthy mind through engaging in play during their visit at the centre. We have developed play facilities for children that visit or schools that have no space or resources to afford such facilities. At a minimal fee, you don’t only see and learn about animals, but also have you child relax through play. The facilities have been developed without compromising the welfare of animals under our care.


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