About UWEC

Lion cubs introduced to beef (Learn about how we care for animals)

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), popularly known as Entebbe Zoo is located 36 kilometers from Kampala and just 15 minutes from Entebbe International Airport. Opened in 1952 as Entebbe Zoo, it was converted to Uganda Wildlife Education Trust primarily as a Conservation Education Centre in 1994. The 2015 UWEC Act transformed the Trust into a statutory organization and a lead agency for conservation education, rescue, rehabilitation, quarantine services, species recovery among other roles.

The 10 Reasons for visiting Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo)
1. Family, friends get together.

In our lifestyles nowadays, its only at the zoo or some churches that one comfortably walks in with their old parents, children or in laws, and does not feel embarrassed. UWEC has become a festive or weekend family destination. It’s at the UWEC zoo that busy mothers, dads or uncles will have some time for their family. However, we will not run away from the fact that this time is shared between social media chats, football, betting and television soaps, whilst a / b ƒ “quality family time you never regret, compared to cash spent on rounds of beers at a “Kafunda/ joint”.

2. Enhance your child’s language and development.

Have you ever imagined that your toddlers/ children will develop language much quick through objects they see? You will “K“  -edge about animals and become their guide at the Zoo? They often ask dad what is the name of that animal, what do they eat? Why is he or she here? etc. Through this, they learn new words, get a feel of what their environment is about, develop
their personal connection to animals. If such learning is further reinforced over time, it shapes their adulthood behaviors and actions.
3. UWEC Zoo provides hands on experience, as opposed to the chalk board learning in our schools.

Imagine a teacher or parent telling their learners a story about a Rhino or elephant they have never seen! You always struggle to explain what you don’t know. At the zoo, both the parent/ teacher or child “ have first hand experiences. The educator takes you through their experiences with the animal, endeavors to explain facts about their animal, shares stories in the most engaging, captivating and easy to grasp way, as you see them.

4. Quality play facilities and play time.

Judicial Officers visit rescued animals at UWEC Zoo

In Uganda, you will notice that most schools and homes don’t have play areas for both children and adults. Where the community facilities/  “ play fields existed, these  have been replaced with nice housing estates, shopping malls etc. What happened to the children right to play? Children never have a chance to go to the neighbor and play? Adults have to enroll to health clubs, saunas or gyms. The parent cannot take a walk with their children due to space limitations. At UWEC we offer the parent and “ “school quality time to play, opportunity to watch your child walk, or ride a bicycle in a safe and clean environment.

5. Night camps/ sleep overs.

We offer children  and adults unique night experiences to learn about animal behaviors, listen to their calls, songs or just a feeling of being in the wilderness. Today’s parents have no time to tell their children a story of hyena hare Ichuli, chameleon or early man, if at all they know them! At UWEC we help support and give our audience such experiences.

6. UWEC Zoo sparks curiosity.

Regardless of one’s age, every time somebody walks into UWEC. There is that something that catches their mind. There is that one thing about the animal, environment or ecosystem which the centre depicts. That’s something you never knew or took for grant-a4 “Kmore after the visit.

7. A perfect facility to J back to a nagging assignment reloaded!

During your visit, you will never miss a chance to see a monkey grab a chocolate from a visitor, chimpanzee groom each other, hyena tease a lion, ostrich perform courtship dance and much more.Any of these will definitely make you smile of laugh off t he stress.
8. Internship, skills development and work placement.

In every job advert rolled out, they require years of experience. But where is a school whose institution or qualification is experience? At UWEC we help transform young graduates into skilled personnel. Many graduates come to us with nothing but “theory”. We train, employ and sometimes swallow the bitter pin when they go for greener pastures.
9. A place to learn about some of the culture in Uganda; totems, taboos.

As many of the animals and plants continue to be wiped out, a chance to see and learn about them is becoming rare. It’s only at UWEC were you can catch a glimpse of some of these.

10. Research. UWEC is a research “laboratory”.

Every day, we receive a student or researcher collecting data for tour operators, a government agency or students undertaking their university thesis. We have valuable data on medicinal trees, herbs, tourist behaviors, environmental education, animals under our care etc. Basing on the above 10 benefits, we believe that you have one or a number of reasons to visit UWEC soon.