The joy of touring Uganda beautiful landscape

By Scovia Kyarisiima

After   two months break from tour and travel, I resumed on 16th October 2017.  My tour adventure was called travel with Scovia season two. My first week of the season two was based on home stay. Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa. Leaving Kabale town to Kampala city, there are several attractions that we go through; starting with the meandering road in kabalaga, a few kilometers after kabale town. It’s so beautiful in the hills of kabale town, south western Uganda.

It was an interesting journey; through different terrains with different farming practices like onions, banana plantations, street markets and many others, basically between kabale and mbarara towns, which is about a two hour drive journey. You surely can’t afford to blink your eyes because you don’t want to miss anything while on this travel.

Wildlife in Chobe National Park

Now, let’s enter the mbarara masaka road. This  four hour drive journey is one of the most interesting parts along kabale Kampala journey. It opens with coca cola bottle century, just a few meters from mbarara town.  I remember I did my geography field work at this factory in the year 2006. It’s amazing! Let’s go to Ankole masaka stretch with beautiful long horned cattle in the nice looking ranches, which almost cover 30kms. It’s so much fun going through this leading us to Lake Mburo game reserve stretch, of which its nature is just magical with an eye comforting view. It takes your mind and you forget that you are actually in a moving vehicle. You find yourself smiling and imagining yourself in the middle of the game you are enjoying. Oh! How lovely it is to travel along mbarara masaka stretch!


As if that is not beautiful enough, the same stretch offers you other adventurous attractions like long stretches of swamps with papyrus that looks like a lake from a distance.  It’s in one of these swamps that we find and cross river katonga . We now enter masaka – Kampala and few attractive things you find on this particular part of the road include; irritating over speeding taxis, the busiest meat selling point in blue at Lukaya, expensive and attractive schools and above all the traffic jam in which you can sometimes drive 500m per hour.  Hmmm.. That’s also an attraction for urban tourism experience.

Welcome to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda where almost everyone thinks that there is no agri-farming being practiced in the gardens. People believe that in the city to get something to cook, then you first go to buy it in the market.  .

However, when I enter Kampala, I join host family and we go enjoy the beauty of the pearl of Africa. My life becomes extremely more of the deep village. This is where home stay applies with visitors in Kampala busy in the   farm gardens.  Staying in urban centers can be most amazing and exciting. It entails moving with family members everywhere, such as in local markets, attending the church service and dropping kids at school. All these can be part of tourist adventure in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. To be continued in the next issue…………………

Scovia Kyarisiima is Director; Uganda tourism and culture digital promoters.  +256775407637 +256704805415

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