Kahunga earns big from Mushroom growing

By ABCafrica reporter

The market for mushrooms is yet to be fully exploited in Uganda. A few farmers who have mastered the art of growing the nutritious delicacy are making a killing from it.Laura Kahuga, a civil servant working with the Ministry of Finance as a Foreign Service Officer is one of the few farmers earning extra cash from mushrooms.

She made a decision to join mushroom farming after reading inspirational materials about it over three years ago. She has demystified all the negative perceptions, myths and stereotypes created by people ignorant of the potential the agricultural sector has in reducing the high unemployment rates in Uganda and improving on household incomes.

Her choice of mushroom farming was informed by the fact that it did not require chunks of land and intensive labour.

“I got to learn that despite the fact that mushrooms are not labour intensive as other crops, they are very sensitive plants; they react to powerful scents from soaps and perfumes, and they are also affected by too much noise,” Kahuga says, adding that the said conditions in excess can impact on the yield.

“I invested Shs5million when I joined this business; I started off with 1000 gardens and on the third week started harvesting at least 5-10kgs of fresh mushrooms a day. I was supplying eight restaurants then and I would earn Shs1.5-2million per month,” she said, adding that she has since expanded and earns more from the big mushroom market”, she adds.

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