Gov’t monitors issuance of yellow fever certificates

By ABCafrica reporter

The Health Ministry has moved to stop the fraudulent acquisition of fake yellow fever vaccination certificates and also the charging of the exorbitant prices to Ugandans by managing the entire process.

The process will only see vaccination certificates that have been printed and approved by the ministry being issued from 22 medical facilities countrywide, with many being issued free of charge as government will be providing the vaccines to this medical outlet.

The health ministry’s permanent secretary Dianah Atwiine told the media that the move is aimed at ensuring that the right people give out the vaccines and authenticated certificates.”Some people have been giving out fake certificates.

So many people wanted to take on this role but we have only selected you. We have printed the cards but make sure you protect them.  We are going to serialise them and also  get specimen signatures of the persons in charge of issuing out these cards  and  send them to  the different  border stations and visa handling services,” said Atwiine.

Atwiine also warned that this is not a money minting venture but a service to others.

”We may not come out and clearly say that this is the price you have to charge, but let us know that this is a service and that is why we selected you specifically to handle this. For those facilities that we give free vaccinations, the services should be for free,” Atwiine said.

Acting commissioner for clinical services Dr Jackson Amone noted that the centres are distributed across the country to ensure minimum disturbance of persons to get the vaccines. He also warned of an impending crack down of fake certificates, which are mostly sold in Kampala and other border areas.

”This will ensure that people get the right vaccines. We are ready to register all the facilities involved in the fraudulent process of making these certificates,” Amone said.National Medical Stores {NMS}  promised to open up other centres; where the vaccines can be administered including Rushoroza HC 2, Rugarama Hospital, Tororo and Masafu among other outlets in Kampala including KCCA.

The Acting Commissioner for Clinical Services, Dr. Jackson Amone noted that under this arrangement, the Government of Uganda will issue a total of 50,000 free vaccination cards to all the accredited facilities. “However, the health facilities will be required to pay for the subsequent procurement of the vaccination cards” he said. Exchanges for the old cards will also be accepted at these facilities at no cost.

Besides Yellow fever, the new standardized vaccination cards cover other immunisable diseases, and their production will strictly be coordinated and controlled by the Ministry of Health.The Government will de-register any facility that will abuse this process in any way.

The country has experienced Yellow Fever outbreaks in the recent past, and this initiative is expected to boost national control efforts. The public is therefore urged to always carry along their vaccination cards every time they travel out or back into the country.

Ministry of Health is responsible for the planning and implementation of providing health services to all people residing in Uganda. Its mission is to ensure the attainment of a good standard of health by all people in Uganda in order to promote a healthy and productive life.

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