MUK clarifies on recalled degree reports

By Drake Nyamugabwa

In a bid to secure and protect the integrity of its academic credentials, Makerere University has clarified that the recalled degrees by the university were 69 not as reported at 300. The academic Registrar, Makerere University, Alfred Masikye in a press statement clarified on the issue of recalling degrees, that the affected number of students were 69 who graduated from the University in the last five Graduation sets and that if the investigations prove beyond reasonable doubt that the 69 students graduated with altered marks and/or without fulfilling all the requirements, and following a fair hearing for each of the 69 affected students, then the degrees will be recalled in line with the University policy.

Masikye adds that; when the University received information on possible alteration of marks, Makerere University Senate instituted an investigation into the matter. The investigation revealed that a number of continuing students’ records had been tampered with. These are continuing students and not graduates. The affected students were summoned to appear before the Central Ad hoc Examinations, Irregularities and Malpractices (Alteration of Marks Committee) and the members of staff who were implicated in this have either been suspended or dismissed.

“The Committee has concluded their investigations on some cases and those students who have been found to have a hand in the alteration of marks have been given the punishments they deserve. The investigations also revealed that some of the continuing students conspired with some members of staff to alter marks on the Results Management System. In this regard, members of staff who were implicated in this have either been suspended or dismissed”. He said.

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