KCCA expects to generate high parking revenues

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Starting 1 September, motorists in Kampala will have to pay revised parking rates, according to a public notice by the Kampala Capital City Authority. The revised fees are for all roads and streets; on which the city authority designated parking places. The first hour of parking will now cost Shs1,000, up from Shs400, which will apply to the first two hours of uninterrupted parking in the same space. After the first two hours, parking will cost Shs800 for every 30 minutes, which has doubled from Shs400. KCCA has 3,500 daytime parking spaces, most of which are in the central business district.

The increment is part of KCCA revenue enhancement proposals for the fiscal year that started in July, and was outlined in the ministerial policy statement presented by the minister for Kampala to Parliament. The statement said KCCA would increase street parking fees by 50 per cent to increase revenue realized from street parking, since current rates were established over 7 years ago. The city authority expects to collect Shs26bn in park fees in 2017/18, which also includes street parking. This will contribute 21 per cent to the total projected non-tax revenue of Shs122.8bn.

However, projected park fees for 2017/18 are lower than last year’s estimates, which were Shs27.75bn, or 24.62 per cent of estimated non-tax revenue which was Shs112.69bn. The authority also hopes that the increased fees will help in reducing congestion in the city, since they will discourage street parking, according to the minister’s policy statement. Parking fees in Kampala are collected by Multiplex Uganda Limited, the only agent authorized to do so, according to the notice.

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