IT stakeholders vow to crack down on Cyber Crime

By Ambrose Gahene

Information Technology {IT} stakeholders last Monday held a two day conference at Kampala Sheraton Hotel to map out strategies to curb cyber threat in the Uganda and the region. The conference was organized by; Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization, in partnership with Uganda Communication Commission {UCC} and National Information Technology Authority {NITA-Uganda}. The Security Minister Lt General {Rtd} Henry Tumukunde, while officiating at the conference, as Guest of honor called upon stakeholders to work as a team to combat Cyber crime. “This is through collaboration, information sharing and coming up with mechanisms to combat the vice”, he said. A representative of the British High Commission in Kampala; Joseph Bolton said cyber threat impacts on the whole community worldwide. “UK introduced cyber security last year to protect and deter the UK from cyber cases. “The UK is committed to work with all states. We provide and promote openness and peace by adhering to international standards”, he said.

The chief organizer  of the conference; Martin Kayobe, said   Today; Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP); focuses on protection of IT systems and assets of Telecoms, computers/software, Internet, interconnections & networks services, ensures Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of required 27/4 (365 days) of Part of the daily modern economy and the existence of any country. He named them to include; Power Grid Water Supply and National Defense Telecom Network National Defense Public Health Law Enforcement among others.

“CIIP deployment is technical & complex need to understand dependencies & interdependencies; especially vulnerabilities & how to mitigate cascading cyber attacks e-government Public Transport Emergency care (Police, Firefighters, Ambulances) Banks & Trading Public Administration Online services, cloud computing Public e-comms Telco sites, switch areas, interconnections Emergency Calls, Private Datacenters and Public Datacenters among others.

NITA-Uganda director Information Technology Authority Arnold Mangeni said; there is need for government to address issues of standards and inclusiveness, while safeguarding Uganda’s critical infrastructure. “The country has been making efforts to ensure that the cyber space is secure, especially within government departments and agencies but they say there’s still work to be done”, he said. He highlighted the objective of the two day conference to include: increasing the understanding of critical information infrastructure, gain knowledge of infrastructure threats and understand best practices in risk  assessment and protection.

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