Museveni affirms Government Support towards National Mindset Education Programme

 Ambrose Byamugisha

In a speech read by the Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs last Sunday, Hon. Beti Kamya, President Museveni noted that there is need to change the pessimistic attitude that some Ugandan youth have towards life and encourage them to work hard for prosperity. Through Mindset Education, he believes this can be achieved.

“The mind dictates our actions, so when we have an education of the mind as well as a changed attitude, we control our actions. It is our hope that this Mind Education programme will create a strong mind in us to overcome the difficulties we encounter in our lives. This is because knowing that there are always solutions is motivating enough,” the President wrote.

The letter further read; “Uganda is a rich country, but we are still behind because of the poor attitude and mindset to the critical elements that bring about development. Our country is endowed with a lot of resources, both human and physical; all we need is a change in attitude. We need a holistic character education that will bring a substantial advancement by a precise change in the mindset of our people.” He asked that the Mindset Education Programme should awaken the youth and other Ugandans; to realize their potential since their ability to be lazy or to work depends on what and how they think.

Museveni also thanked the International Youth Fellowship, who have partnered with the Ministry of Education and Sports and Makerere University to initiate the action to address the attitude problem in the country, starting with the youth. He affirmed Government’s commitment to addressing the problem of poor attitude of the citizens in order to fix bad situations caused by poverty, ignorance and disease.

Representing the Ministry of Education and Sports, Mr. Nsumba Lyazi, the Director for Basic and Secondary Education at the Ministry and Chairperson of the organizing committee for the camp; disclosed that the available literature shows that for one to succeed in life there is need to have a positive mindset.

He asked all members in attendance to help in spreading the good news from the camp at all people especially the Youth. The Acting Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration) of Makerere University, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe informed the participants that all the aspects the National Mind Education camp aspired to promote were in line with addressing youth mindsets and challenges responsive to national and global needs.

“The dynamic nature today calls for greater support to the young people. With the persisting challenge of youth unemployment, poverty and the rising culture of individualism, it is right that the mindset of the youth are recaptured and re-guided on the path of progress that values the concept of holistic existence,” Prof. Nawangwe noted. ”I am sure that our nation will prosper if the youth who constitute the biggest part of our population are well propelled with good behavior and practices. That is the main reason why we are here in this camp. When you go back to your areas, be ambassadors of mindset education to ensure change and development in your societies and our nation,” he said to the participants.

The mindset education camp consists of programmes and trainings directed towards enabling the youth overcome their challenges and get a positive mindset through various mind lectures. This time, the participants were taken through self-control training, diverse cultural presentations and music performances.


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