King Ceasor Mulenga appointed Consulate of Vietnam

 King Ceasor Augustus Mulenga has been appointed as the Honory Consul General of the socialist Republic of Vietnam to Uganda. The Consulate is located at portal avenue plot 9. The consulate’s main purpose will be to build strong relationships between Vietnam and Uganda. The two countries share a lot of similarities in terms of climate, and its economic conditions in the late 1980’s.


Map of Vietnam

Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With an estimated 95 million inhabitants as of 2017, it is the world’s 14th-most-populous country. The capital city of Vietnam is Hanoi. The currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong.

Vietnam experiences a tropical and a temperate climate throughout the year. Its strong monsoon influences, considerable amount of sun, and a high rate of rainfall makes it suitable for agricultural purposes which makes it very similar to Uganda.

In 1986, the government initiated a series of economic and political reforms which began Vietnam’s path towards integration into the world economy.Vietnam has enjoyed strong economic growth. Since 1990, Vietnam’s GDP per capita growth has been among the fastest in the world, averaging 6.4 percent a year in the 2000 with GDP expanding by 6 percent in 2016.

Vietnam is becoming a global trade center both for the imports and export industries. Its main export commodities include, coffee, rice, crude oil, textiles and garment, coal, aquaculture, processed forest products etc. whereas its major import commodities include petroleum products, steel, fertilizers, electronics, and machinery and equipment.

Vietnam Flag

Tourism in Vietnam is also one booming sector. It recorded 62 million domestic tourists last year, around half of them staying overnight at their destinations.

Tourism revenues of VND 400.7 trillion (US$ 17.9 billion) last year marked a year-on-year increase of 18.6 per cent.Notably, all these figures equaled

Or exceeded the targets set for 2020 in the national tourism development plan.

‘King’ Mulenga Appointed Vietnam Consular in Uganda



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