Rosebud flower exports hits 13 Million stems per Month

By Drake Nyamugabwa

Rosebud Ltd; the country’s leading fresh flower export firm has said their export portfolio has hit 13 million stems mark per month and plans are underway for further expansion.

The farm manager Ravi Kumar; during an interview with ABCafrica at the Farm facility situated at Lutembe, along Entebbe Road said their exports have increased from 10 million stems per month in the recent past years to now over 13 million, which development he attributes to hard work, good government policies, favorable weather conditions among others.

He noted that the world flower market appreciates Uganda’s flowers because of their high quality; of which position has enabled them to continue working hard resulting into the increase in exports which has brought in the country the scarce foreign income.

Ravi said that the farm performance has increased by between 25 per cent to 30 per cent and that plans have been finalized to expand the facility from the current 60 hectare capacity to over 200 hectares in the near future. “With a total farm labour force of over 1,500 people of which 60 per cent slots are for women, we are determined to work with the community around the facility; by way of continuing to provide safe clean water sources, a 10 bed capacity health Centre offering free light medical services, fixing the community feeder road network, an ATM slot for financial services and a supermarket selling goods at factory price for the benefit of the local population’’ noted Ravi.

Workers at the facility appreciated the management of Rosebud Limited for the project; saying it has enabled them to generate capacity like sending their children to school, providing basic household essentials that have kept them moving despite other societal challenges.

Akello  Monica, from Teso Sub Region said she has worked at this farm for the last 8 years and has no regrets because the company has enabled her to raise funds through their membership SACCO, to help her aged mother back home in Soroti; while at same time sending school fees to educate her  young ones in the village.

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