New Youth entrepreneurship Hub opens in Uganda

By Agencies

Uganda has 12 tech hubs and incubators including; Outbox Hub, Hive Colab, Innovation Village, WITU Hub, NFT Mawazo Innovation Hub, and so forth. As of today, one new Hub ‘TechBuzz Hub‘ located in Ntinda at Najim Mall joins these pioneers. The Hub is focused on strengthening and attracting more partners, ready to improve the social and economic position of Ugandans today.

The Founder of the Hub; Kenneth Twesigye; says the Hub is a Technology and Business development hub that aims at bridging the incubation gap in the country and to create ways to overcome the barriers to employment, business sustainability, and social development caused by the immense gap underlying between innovation and investment in Uganda.

“As a business and technology hub focusing on collaborative working environment, youth capacity building and startup development, we believe we have much to offer for the survival of the majority of dying or struggling startups,” said Twesigye.

Twesigye added that; the Hub primary target now are the youth; who are passionate in entrepreneurship and technology startups. “In addition the Hub offers two services; Consultations and Mentorship freely”, he added.

GSMA in one of its research stated that, in Africa, although 50 per cent of the tech hubs are concentrated in 5 countries (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco). However, almost each of the other African countries has at least one or two active tech hubs. When it came to identifying some leading countries by sub-region, when it comes to tech hubs: Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt were found in North Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal in West Africa, Kenya and Uganda in East Africa, and South Africa in Southern Africa.

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